SERVICES - Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) of the subsea infrastructure throughout the producing life of the oil and gas fields is critical in order to protect the operators' investment.

Being able to provide experienced personnel, having the right assets and equipment to deploy, such as state of the art ROV's and expert manned and unmanned intervention technology, is critical to this market.

MINT ENERGY brings the IRM services capability (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) to our cli ent through companies that possess strong, complementary technology and capabilities, uses the latest technology and techniques to undertake survey, positioning and inspection services to produce high-quality processed information. Mint Energy works with clients to analyse survey results, help them develop maintenance plans and then execute the plans on their behalf.

As water depths increase, so too do the costs of intervention and repair. Therefore, effective IRM becomes much more important.